Expatservices Zeeland

Moving to another country for your employer brings a big change in one's personal situation. In most cases you don't speak the language and many things of a fiscal and financial nature are different from the country you came from. Furthermore, legislation is different and social services (government) are normally specific for the Netherlands. However, all these subjects are very important when you come to live in this country, because they all have impact on citizens of the Netherlands.

For this reason, the Dutch company Het Financiële Huis offers a unique financial service for expats in the province of Zeeland. Our Australian associate Casey Xavier has an international background that enables him to be your financial guide in the Netherlands. He knows his way around legal issues, financial information and an array of practical subjects (financial or otherwise) that are important for people who come to live in our country.

This way, by communication in English we can help you understand Dutch documents before committing to contracts that can pose legal risks in the future. We have customers from Spain, the United States of America, Portugal and so on. We specifically are able to help in matters of finance, from advice on a mortgage to all matters of risk and insurance and other matters of a financial nature.

We also have an extensive network that varies from legal specialists to notary services and housing services. We do not only assist you as a financial guide but you can also call upon us concerning other matters. If we are not qualified to help in a certain area, we will most likely be able to bring you in contact with the right specialist for your specific question or need.